11th International Factoring Congress

— online edition—

1st and 15th October 2020

Online event

1st and 15th October 2020

The Factoring Congress is one of the paid events in the calendar of factoring and finance managers and practitioners in Poland. Renowned experts from all over the world take part in it.

This year, due to the circumstances, Congress will be held online. Two sessions await us: October 1 and 15, 2020.

During the first session, we will discuss the situation on global markets and the condition of the factoring sector.

During the second, we will look at how new technologies affect the development of our services.

You’re welcome. Let’s meet online!

The International Factoring Congress is an annual meeting of factoring experts from around the world and foreign users of their services. During its 10th edition, it gathered a group of faithful listeners and supporters. Recognized experts always take part in the deliberations. They discuss economic aid in Poland and in the world. They answer questions related to the use of technology in finance. They analyze legal changes regulating the functioning of entrepreneurship. Our meetings are also attended by managers of companies that use factoring. We listen carefully to their views on our service.

This year the Congress was to be held for the eleventh time. However, the coronavirus has thwarted our plans and they will not be able to meet in the traditional formula. Therefore, he decided to meet online.

To ensure the comfort of listeners to participate in our event, we divided it into two sessions: October 1 and October 15. In them, we summarize the economic strategy in the country and in the world, we will analyze the suitability for our industry, and we will also look at how new technologies can be used during the lockdown on habits.

The meeting will be full of passionate speeches, interesting credits and questions.

I highly recommend and invite you to participate online!


Jarosław Jaworski
Chairman of the PFA Executive Committee


Session 1, October 1, 2020
10:00 – 10:05
Opening of the Session 1
10:05 – 10:45
Presentation: The economy during the second wave of the pandemic and prospects for the factoring and business financing sector

Part 1: Grzegorz Sielewicz (Chief Economist of Coface)
Part 2: Jarosław Jaworski (Chairman of the PFA Executive Committee), Dariusz Steć (Executive Director of PFA)

10:45 – 11:30
Discussion panel: Economic lockdown – what is the future for the markets?

Panelists: Jarosław Jaworski (Chairman of the PFA Executive Committee), Prof. Waldemar Rogowski, PhD (Chief Analyst of BIK), Paweł Szczepankowski (Chairman of Receivables Insurance Subcommittee of PIU), Mateusz Walewski (Chief Economist of BGK),
Moderator: Dariusz Steć (Executive Director of PFA)

11:30 – 11:45
Q&A session
Session 2, October 15, 2020
10:00 – 10:05
Opening of the Session 2
10:05 – 10:35
Presentation: New technologies – how to support business development?

Jerzy Dąbrowski (Vice Chairman of the PFA Executive Committee),
Michał Pawlik (Head of Technology Team of PFA)

10:35 – 11:30
Discussion panel: How new technologies change business management?

Panelists: Piotr Badura (Managing Director of CRIF), Radosław Drozd (Member of the Board of PKO Leasing, representative of PLA), Daniel Huszár (Head of Sales at efcom), Milan Popović, PhD (University of Lodz), Szymon Wiliński, (Director of Information Development of Coface)
Moderator: Jerzy Dąbrowski (Vice Chairman of the PFA Executive Committee)

11:30 – 11:45
Q&A session


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Participation in this year’s Congress is free of charge. Use link below to register: